Bolton: New Start Is Unilateral Disarmament

Former Ambassador John Bolton, writing in the Wall Street Journal:

The centerpiece of “New Start,” the arms-control treaty that President Barack Obama signed with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in April, is its reduction in nuclear warheads. Less well-understood—but profoundly misguided—is the treaty’s return to outmoded Cold War limits on weapons launchers, which will require the United States, but not Russia, to dismantle existing delivery systems. This could cripple America’s long-range conventional warhead delivery capabilities, while also severely constraining our nuclear flexibility. We will pay for this mistake in future conflicts entirely unrelated to Russia.

In pursuing New Start, the Obama administration has essentially jettisoned the 2002 Treaty of Moscow, which only dealt with the limitation of nuclear warheads that were operationally deployed.

Senators need to probe far more deeply than they have into New Start’s impact for our conventional force capabilities. Mr. Obama will try to ram the treaty through the Senate, but our defenses need prudence and deliberation.

Read the entire piece in the Wall Street Journal.

The Heritage Foundation produced this video, outlining the dangers of new START:

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