The Administration’s Faux Nuclear Treaty Transparency

Michael Needham, Heritage Action’s CEO, wrote this oped, published on Andrew Breitbart’s Big Peace.

The Administration’s Faux Nuclear Treaty Transparency

“When he was on the campaign trail, then-Senator Obama promised his administration would be the most transparent in history. From health care to environmental regulations, President Obama has repeatedly failed to live up to that promise. Now, his administration is embracing that pattern of secrecy as they push for Senate ratification of a new nuclear arms treaty with Russia.

“The President submitted the new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START) to the Senate on May 13. Initially, the Obama administration indicated they wanted the treaty ratified before the August recess, giving Senators less than three months to review the wide-ranging treaty thoroughly.

“After receiving significant pushback, they decided committee approval in August was more realistic. They miscalculated again though, and Senator John Kerry (D-MA) was forced to postpone the committee vote until September.

“Those delays were a victory for American democracy and security.”

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