Polls: Americans Opposed to Nuclear Arms Reduction

If that were the case before yesterday, still fewer such senators will be so inclined after a second shoe dropped:  Rasmussen Reports released a poll conducted last week of 1,000 American adults.  The following questions are of direct relevance to senators currently being importuned to support not just President Obama’s new arms control treaty but, by so doing, to validate his larger denuclearization agenda aimed at “ridding the world of nuclear weapons”:

1.  How important is America’s nuclear weapons arsenal to the country’s national security?

51% Very important
26% Somewhat important
11% Not very important
4% Not at all likely
8% Not sure

2.   Should the United States reduce the number of nuclear weapons in its arsenal?

27% Yes
57% No
16% Not sure

3. Should the United States halt the development of new nuclear weapons?

31% Yes
46% No
24% Not sure

4. How likely is it that other countries will reduce their nuclear weapons arsenal and development in response to the actions taken by the United States?

13% Very likely
24% Somewhat likely
41% Not very likely
14% Not at all likely
8% Not sure

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