Local: Ike Skelton Voted Yes on Prop C

Ace Reporter Dave Catanese unearthed a blockbuster statement from embattled Democratic congressman Ike Skelton.

He was a Yes on Prop C supporter.

A campaign spokesman for Rep. Ike Skelton said the 17-term congressman also voted yes.

Granted, you have to read all the way to the bottom of a fluff piece on Tommy Sowers, who has yet to crack 18% despite raising a million dollars and getting more coverage in the pages of Politico than any sitting member of Congress, but the story is there the same.

Catanese is the first to report that Ike Skelton was a Yes on Prop C vote, probably the biggest Democratic name to vote for what The Kansas City Star, the Post Dispatch, and Robert Gibbs all called a waste of time.

The Yes on Prop C statement also puts Ike Skelton at odds with Democratic consultant Roy Temple, who said the ballot language was confusing.

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