Local: Idaho Senators Support Repeal

To Repeal Or Not To Repeal National Health Care Reform, That Is The Question

Over the last few weeks the Heritage Action For America advocacy group, an arm of the Heritage Foundation has been working hard to gain enough votes in the House of Representatives to force Speaker Nancy Pelosi to bring the repeal effort to the floor for a vote. They need 218 signatures on Discharge Petition #11, to do so. They have been working all those in Congress who voted “No”  on National Health Care Reform . Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson has signed the petition but Idaho Congressman Walt Minnick has not.

Heritage Action said, “In March, Congressman Minnick voted against the new health care law, saying, ‘I voted no today because I was elected to listen to my constituents, seek the best possible information and use my best judgment to make the right decision for Idaho.’ Unfortunately, Congressman Minnick has not joined onto the repeal effort, which is gaining momentum in the U.S. House.”

It does not look like Minnick is going to sign the petition. Minnick spokesmen John Foster told ICB, “You don’t have to “repeal” the entire thing. They do have the option of keeping the things that work, and either fixing or repealing the things that don’t. Walt believes the latter is far more productive (as his actions have shown) than grandstanding about a “repeal the entire bill” pledge that clear won’t happen for a long time, if ever.”

So apparently Walt Minnick thinks Idaho Senator Crapo and Risch are Grandstanding?

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