Heritage Action's August Town Hall Guide

Background: Town hall meetings are the essence of America’s representative democracy.  Every citizen should have the opportunity to express their concerns directly to their elected representatives.  The town hall meeting is that opportunity.

Last August, Americans all across the country turned out to town hall meetings to express their displeasure with President Obama’s big-government health care plan.  Politicians and the news media were unable to ignore and dismiss the substantive concerns of the American people.  Although many elected representatives ultimately abandoned their constituents on health care, there is no argument the August town hall meetings fundamentally changed the debate.

Status: This summer, many of those politicians who supported Obamacare, the “stimulus” and other unpopular policies are avoiding town hall meetings, preferring more intimate settings like high-dollar fundraisers and invitation-only roundtables.  By limiting town hall meetings, these so-called representatives are demonstrating they no longer work for you, the American people.

Bring the Heat: For those representatives who are holding town hall meetings, you should use that as your opportunity to speak directly to them.  Do your part to keep America free, prosperous and secure.  Ask your elected representatives serious questions about our nation’s economy, our national security and our children’s future.

Suggested Town Hall Questions

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