Heritage Action Targets Rep. McIntyre in New Ad

Heritage Foundation’s lobbying group targets McIntyre in new ad

The lobbying arm of the Heritage Foundation has begun airing today an ad critical of U.S. Rep. Mike McIntyre, a Democrat from Lumberton for the 7th District.

The ad says 170 Republican co-sponsors in the House have signed a petition seeking to repeal the health care reform bill, but not McIntyre. The measure needs 218 signatures to force a vote on the House floor.

“Obamacare will cost taxpayers trillions,” the ad intones. You can view the ad here.

Heritage Action for America paid for the ad. In it, viewers are directed to contact McIntyre by e-mail.

McIntyre, an incumbent since 1996, voted against the health care overhaul in March. He said then that the plan was too costly and bureaucratic.

Ilario Pantano, a Republican from Wilmington, is challenging McIntyre in the fall ballot.

Dean Mitchell, McIntyre’s chief of staff, said in an e-mail today that the petition “is a political distraction” and can’t realistically be accomplished in the wanning days of this congressional session.

“Making changes in the health care law is going to require a bipartisan effort,” Mitchell said. “And only by working together, across party lines, can we make meaningful changes to pass targeted health care reform measures that can bring down costs and not further bankrupt our nation.”

A spokesman for Heritage Action for America said the campaign will include TV, radio and website ads targeting seven House Democrats who voted against health care reform but have not signed the petition yet.

Original article from The Fayetteville Observer.