DC Elites Like Congress — Real Americans Do Not

Elites in Washington have a much higher opinion of Congress and are less likely to have their votes swayed by recent ethics scandals than the rest of the nation, according to a new POLITICO poll released Monday.

While those involved in the political and policy-making process in the nation’s capital didn’t give Congress a rave review, the 24 percent who gave the body either an “A” or “B” is more than twice the percentage of all Americans who were asked the same question.

Asked to grade the “overall efforts” of the current Congress, only 11 percent of all Americans who were asked the question gave the institution an “A” or “B.” Thirty-two percent gave Congress a “C” while 23 graded out its performance as a “D.” Twenty-seven percent gave Congress an “F.”

Like other Americans, 33 percent of D.C. elites gave Congress a “C” and 23 percent gave it a “D.” But only 20 percent of Washington gave Congress a failing grade, 7 percentage points less than the rest of the country.
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