Cleveland Letter to the Editor: New START treaty should not be ratified

New START treaty is dangerously flawed and should not be ratified

In a letter to the editor Friday (Letters Unlimited,, a writer declared partisan politics was the reason why Republicans like Sen. George Voinovich have not offered their support for the New START treaty with Russia. While not surprising, this attack is unfortunate. Proponents intentionally are avoiding a real debate on this dangerously flawed treaty.New START treaty is dangerously flawed and should not be ratified.

Most glaringly, the treaty limits America’s ability to field a robust missile defense system, which is our only defense against a nuclear missile attack. To make matters worse, it does nothing to stop rogue nations like North Korea and Iran from continuing to develop nuclear weapons that could reach our shores. And it has very weak verifications measures, meaning it will be nearly impossible for us to discover when the Russians cheat on the treaty.

These flaws (and many others) are real and dangerous. Thankfully, Sen. Voinovich has not rushed to judge this treaty. Now, he should listen to the 41,000 Americans, including 3,000 Ohioans, who have voiced their opposition to this treaty at the Heritage Action for America website. New START weakens our national security and should not be ratified.

Dan Ziegler, Alexandria, Va.

Ziegler, a former resident of Wellington, Ohio, is the senior strategist at Heritage Action for America (

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