Local: Obamacare Vote Hurting Ellsworth

It’s months before November’s mid-term elections but already, some candidates are already coming out swinging.

U.S Senate hopeful Dan Coats visited the Valley Wednesday talking to local medical experts about health care reform.

He used the opportunity to target the President’s health care plan as he made his case for its repeal.

Coats says, “Everybody sees this as a monstrosity of a piece of legislation that’s not solving the problem, not lowing costs, and creating a mess.”

Republican Dan Coats says politicians should play by one simple rule.

“The first rule of any elected official is listen to the people,” explains Coats. “That’s who you’re representing.”

But Coats accuses supporters of President Obama’s health care plan, including his democratic opponent Brad Ellsworth, of doing the complete opposite.

“If representatives had listened to the people first, before voting on this health care, they would not have voted for this plan.”

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